International Journal of Advances in Sport Management

IJASM : 2016 Volume 1 issue 1

Investigate the Driving and Inhibitory Factors of the Private Sector Participation in the Construction of Sports Halls in Schools

Nasrin Haghshenas

Page No: 1-7                    

The Relationship between the Quality of Sports Services and the Intention of Reappearance of Participants in the Activities of Public Sports

Bardia Zolfaghari, Aliasghar Doroudian, Shiva Azadfada

Page No: 8-14                    

The Relationship between Participation in Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Mental Health of Active Elderly in Tehran

Mahnaz Mazloumian, Aliasghar Doroudian, Mahdi Namazizadeh

Page No: 15-20                    

The Relationship between Customer Orientation with Service Orientation and Job Satisfaction from Perspective of Employees in Sport and Youth Offices, Tehran

Sanaz Haji Amini, Akram Esfahaninia

Page No: 21-26                    

Relationship between Service Quality and Spectators’ Behavioral Intentions of Pro League Clubs of Golestan Province

Fatemeh Najafi, Reza Rezaeshirazi1, Nasser Bai

Page No: 27-31