International Journal of Advances in Sport Management

IJASM : 2017 Volume 2 issue 2

The Relationship between Organizational Structure and Work Force Productivity in the Organization of Youth and Sports, Mianeh City, Iran

Elham Amiri Forutgheh, Sadegh Jafari

Page No: 55-61                    

Relationship between Leisure Time Activities with Happiness among Students of Islamic Azad University of Ardabil, Iran

Mahvash Noorbakhsh, Mohammad Poorpanahi

Page No: 62-66                    

Investigating the Impellent and Attractant Factors Effecting the Development of Sport Tourism Point of View of the Physical Education and Tourism Experts of Ardebil Province, Iran 2014-2015

Imanzadeh M., Karahüseyinoğlu M. F., Altungül O., Kultapa M. P., Pouraskarxiavi. M.

Page No: 67-72                    

An Evaluatıon Of Pedagogıcal Formatıon Certifıcate Program Students’ Views On Teachıng Technologıes And Materıal Design Course

Fikret Alıncak, Mehmet Bardakçı, Uğur Abakay, Fatih Mehmet Uğurlu Ahmet Yıkılmaz

Page No: 73-79                    

The Relationship between Marketing Knowledge and Marketing Innovation in Fitness Clubs of Gorgan City

Habib Asgharpour, Akram Esfahaninia

Page No: 80-84